Kolkata Knight Riders are Sleeping this IPL



Kolkata Knight Riders are Sleeping this IPL

Kolkata Knight Riders are Sleeping this IPL

25 May 2022  Authorbet365baji

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is witnessing one unexpected event after another. Mumbai Indians (MI), the team that has won the most IPL titles, could not win a single match. They have already exited the tournament at eight consecutive losses. Chennai Super Kings(CSK) are also revolving in the circle of failure after changing the captain. The new name in the list of failures is Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR).

KKR lost the fifth match in a row in the tournament. They lost by four wickets to Delhi Capitals(DC) on Thursday. As the captain, KKR has relied on Shreyas Iyer, and he has not been doing his best. After losing against the DC, Iyer also owned another shameful record this time. This is the third-highest incidence of loss of KKR in any IPL season.

There were two former KKR captains who had a record of losing the most consecutive matches before Iyer. In 2009, KKR lost nine matches in a row under New Zealand star Brendon McCullum. Then in 2019, as the captain of KKR, Dinesh Karthik lost 6 matches in a row. This time, Iyer’s name has found a place next to their names. Under his leadership, KKR has lost 5 matches in a row.

If KKR does not return to winning streams in the next matches of the IPL, Iyer could be named in the record of more shame. This time, KKR is on the edge of the abyss. If they want to go to the play-off from here, they have to win all the other matches. They also have to look at the other parties. In this situation, Iyer's goal is to bring out the best game by forming the right XI.

Meanwhile, the two biggest stars of Indian cricket at the moment, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are not in their momentum. Just like there is no run in the bat, there is no smile on the faces of Kohli and Sharma. Additionally, Iyer is at risk with the KKR. All in all, the big stars of India are not doing their best with the current IPL. That is why India is concerned when it comes to the T20 World Cup.