Mustafiz is getting acquainted with the 'Duke' ball



Mustafiz is getting acquainted with the 'Duke' ball

Mustafiz is getting acquainted with the 'Duke' ball

17 June 2022  Authorbet365baji

Bangladesh faced West Indies in a three-day warm-up match before the Test series. Mustafizur Rahman was not seen bowling even though Bangladesh's bowling innings was almost 50 overs. It was later revealed that he was practicing with bowling coach Alan Donald without playing a warm-up match.

Donald is basically introducing Mustafiz with the 'Duke' ball. Hearing the word 'identity' can be confusing. Tests are played in almost all countries of the world including Bangladesh with the ball called Kukabural. Only England and the West Indies play with Duke Ball. And Mustafiz is going to play with Duke ball for the first time.

Mustafiz has never played with Duke before. Because, after his debut, Bangladesh team could not play any test match in England. Besides, when Bangladesh team toured West Indies in 2018, there were 2 Test matches. But the left-arm fast bowler did not play in the Test series of that tour.

This time he will play Tests in the Caribbean. So Mustafiz had to leave Kukabura and complete the introductory episode with the high seam Duke ball sewn. Donald said in a video message on Sunday about the Duke Ball session with the left-hander, who was given the nickname as Cutter Specialist.

He said, ''Now it's time to go from Kukabura to Duke. I am quite familiar with this ball. I have played county cricket and Test cricket in England for a long time. The seam of this ball is quite steep. With which our bowlers have to adapt. ''

Mustafiz last played Tests in February 2021. The West Indies were the opponents in that match in Chattogram about a year and a half ago. Mustafiz's relationship with the red ball in this long time is not good. He was even on leave last month. Did not do any kind of practice.

Donald said about Mustafiz returning to practice with Duke Ball, ''I had a session with Mustafiz today. Today is his first ball after IPL. I gave him some idea about this ball. This is the first time he has bowled. The grip has also been changed a bit. He also enjoyed bowling. ''