Ravi Shastri's new proposal to make Test cricket attractive



Ravi Shastri's new proposal to make Test cricket attractive

Ravi Shastri's new proposal to make Test cricket attractive

2 August 2022  Authorbet365baji

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has released the FTP for the next eighteen months. Since the publication of this schedule, various discussions and criticisms have been raised mainly about the ODI format of cricket. Meanwhile, the retirement of English captain Ben Stokes has fueled the discussion.

Many analysts have suggested to scrap ODI cricket to make the international schedule more bearable for the cricketers. India's former coach Ravi Shastri has suggested that the ODI format should be limited to the World Cup, but the bilateral series should be dropped. He also gave new suggestions to make Test cricket more interesting.

Shastri thinks that Test cricket should be organized with six teams to maintain the attractiveness of Tests. Shastri said, ''If Test cricket is to be made attractive, if it is to be kept alive, there is no need for 10-12 Test teams, let alone the top 6 teams. We emphasize meaning over quantity of play. This will create an opportunity for other editions of the games to be held."

Shastri also said, "If the ICC wants to increase the number of teams, increase it in T-20 or ODI. But in Test cricket, the number of teams should be reduced. Then whether England is going to the West Indies or not, or whether the West Indies are going to England or not - these things will not matter."

In an interview given to English television channel Sky Sports, Shastri also said that the top six teams will play Test cricket. Talking about the management of cricket on the pattern of football, he also said, ''Which top team will play Test, it should be judged by their performance. India, Australia, England, South Africa—whoever plays, they have to play to put themselves in the top six. Any other team that finishes in the top six will play."

The former Indian coach said, "In general, any team has to finish in the top six at the end of the qualifiers. Let international cricket be like football. What happens in football? There is only one World Cup, the big tournament. Footballers play professional leagues in different countries throughout the year. Be it in cricket too - With the T20 Franchise League.''

Shastri also shared his thoughts on Test cricket. He said, ''Look, what is test cricket, everyone should know this answer first. Test cricket is the test of cricketers, you have to have the ability to pass this test. But if Test cricket is not of standard, then who will watch it!"

Shastri also said, "The five-day game will end in two days or three days. If a country that has never played a Test is left in front of England, India or Australia in bowling conditions, will they be able to play? The organization responsible for broadcasting this Test will also not be able to do business properly. If the five-day game ends in two days, it will be a loss for them too. Cricket lovers will not be happy if the five-day match ends in two days.''