Teen Patti Pro


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Teen Patti Pro

Teen Patti Pro

June 3, 2021  Authorbet365baji

Teen Patti Pro is a simplified form of Three Card Poker or Teen Patti.

Teen Patti Pro Game Rules

  • Each Player and Dealer's hand will be given three cards.
  • The winning hand is the one with the highest poker value.
  • From highest to lowest, the hand order is the same as in Three Card Poker (as opposed to traditional adolescent Patti):
    1. Straight flush
    2. Three of a kind
    3. Straight
    4. Flush
    5. Pair
    6. All other

Betting Odds
  • Banker wins = 1.9:1
  • Tie = 865:1.
  • Player wins = 1.9:1

The following side bets are available on the poker value of either the Player or Dealer hand:
  • Pair = 5.65:1
  • Flush — Pays 18.5:1
  • Straight — Pays 30:1
  • Three of a kind = 405:1
  • Straight flush = 440:1

Teen Patti Pro Analysis

The chance of a winning Tie bet is calculated using the table below.

The amount of possible combinations for constructing any particular poker hand from a 52-card deck is shown in the 2npoker value with the remaining 49 cards in the deck are shown in the third column from the left. The product of the second and third columns is the right column.d column from the left. The combinations for building an indicator of similar

There are 460,824 possibilities for two hands from the same deck to have the same poker value, as seen in the bottom-right cell. From a single deck, there are 407,170,400 combine(52,3)*combine(49,3) = 407,170,400 combinations of two poker hands. As a result, the chance of a tie is 460,824/407,170,400 = 0.001131772 = 1 in 883.57.

After removing these ties, the odds of either team winning are (1 - 0.001131772)/2 = 0.499434.

The following table displays the payouts for each stake, as well as the likelihood of winning and the return.