Rohit Sharma enjoyed every minute of being led by Virat Kohli



Rohit Sharma enjoyed every minute of being led by Virat Kohli

Rohit Sharma enjoyed every minute of being led by Virat Kohli

December 15, 2021  Authorbet365baji

Virat Kohli led India's limited-overs team from the front for five years, according to his replacement Rohit Sharma, who said he relished every single moment of playing under the star batsman. In an interview with 'bcci.Tv,' Rohit said that the team had a wonderful time under Kohli's leadership. Kohli stood aside as T20 captain during the World Cup in the UAE, and Rohit Sharma took over as ODI captain earlier this month.

Rohit told the media that every time they stepped onto the field during his five years as coach, he led from the front. He added that there was apparent perseverance to win every match, and that was the direction to the entire group.

Despite having established and reliable match-winners in its ranks, the Indian side has been chastised for failing to win an ICC title since the 2013 Champions Trophy. Rohit acknowledged the responsibility and stated that he would strive to snag the additional inch that has escaped the team.

He commented that before they think about the end outcome, there is a multitude of matters they need to get right. However, he said that he doesn’t think anything they did following the Champions Trophy was inappropriate; they have done a good job as a squad but they just could not hit that extra target. He explained that that is possible because international cricket is really difficult, but the fact that they are all professionals makes it quite a challenge.

Rohit said that a number more World Cups are on the horizon, and India will be hoping to perform well in several of them. He stated that their main goal is to win the title, but there is a procedure that they must follow as a team.

He added that how they respond to difficult situations is critical, and he believes that in the past when they've been put in positions where they were 10/3 or 15/2 or something similar, they have failed to recover. This is one of the things that they need to take into account in moving forward.