Former Australia cricketer Jamie Mitchell claimed being sexually assaulted in 1985



Former Australia cricketer Jamie Mitchell claimed being sexually assaulted in 1985

Former Australia cricketer Jamie Mitchell claimed being sexually assaulted in 1985

January 6, 2022  Authorbet365baji

England took the gloomiest of Sydney days to feel at ease.

When the bails were thrown over after rain interrupted proceedings, the tourists had finally edged ahead of their opponents in the game, with Australia 3-126.

The magnificent sunshine of the new year vanished when Sydneysiders opened their curtains on Wednesday morning.

A dense blanket of cloud and steady drizzle has taken its place.

Shane Warne has advocated for the New Year's Test to be moved out of Sydney, citing the constant rain that occurs when the cricket carnival travels to the SCG.

England, on the other hand, were licking their lips, relishing the conditions, which necessitated a 30-minute toss delay and saw the SCG's ground staff run between the wickets more than the tourists had all summer.

The toss was won by Pat Cummins, who chose to bat.

At 1-111, with only David Warner back in the sheds after 30 minutes, Cummins would have been comfortable and happy with his day's performance in his maiden home Test as captain.

The ledger, on the other hand, turned in ten minutes.

Marcus Harris, who had put in all the effort to get to 38 and stumps, one slumber away from a maiden century, was squared up by Jimmy Anderson. Anderson has become the match's best swing bowler of the contemporary era, who caught the left-outside hander's edge.

After being squared up by fast bowler Mark Wood, Marnus Labuschagne (28), who had shuffled to the crease like Michael Jackson, looked stunned at the crease in amazement.

It was a carbon duplicate of his dismissal at the MCG, where the freshly crowned world No. 1 Test batsman was forced to leave after making a single-digit total.

Labuschagne, on the other hand, sat at the crease at the SCG as if nothing had occurred. Only the 27-year-old was lacking to label his middle stump.

There is an opening and all that is needed now is for England to grasp the opportunity.

Faced with his 13th delivery, Khawaja hooked beautifully to the boundary in the same fashion as Ricky Ponting, whom he replaced at first-drop to make his Test debut against England a decade ago.

Khawaja used to walk from Randwick to the SCG to watch Test cricket when the gates opened in the final session when he first arrived in Australia with his family from Islamabad.

Despite the risk of Covid and dreary skies, the Sydney faithful had lingered to watch him bat this time.

When Khawaja (four not out) made his way to the middle, the sun peeked its head out from behind the clouds as if it were a sign from the heavens above.

The early finish, according to O'Keeffe, cost England a key handful of overs under the lights as the rain swiftly dissipated.

O’Keeffe commented that it is a pity because this was going to be a particularly difficult time for Australia. They required another half an hour or so, and it doesn't appear that they will get it.