Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor’s involvement in substance abuse



Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor’s involvement in substance abuse

Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor’s involvement in substance abuse

January 26, 2022  Authorbet365baji

Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor is expected to become the second famous personality from his country to break the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Anti-Corruption Code in recent years, following former fast bowler Heath Streak.

The ICC is poised to impose a "multi-year suspension" on the recently retired 35-year-old wicketkeeper-batter after he delayed reporting a fraudulent approach by "an Indian businessman" to the governing body for four months.

He stated that the businessman had invited him to India in October 2019 to discuss sponsorships and the possibility of launching a T20 tournament in the African country. He claimed that he was told that he'd be paid $15,000 for the visit.

Taylor explained that they hadn't been paid by Zimbabwe cricket (the country's cricket board) in six months, and it was unclear if Zimbabwe would be able to continue participating in international competition so he agreed on the trip.

Taylor said he was offered cocaine during a dinner with the businessman and his associates, and he "foolishly" accepted "the bait." The next morning, Taylor said he was blackmailed by the same group of individuals, who threatened to make their footage of him doing cocaine public if he did not spot-fix during international games for them.

Taylor went on to say that he was given the promised US$ 15,000 but was also told that it was a "deposit" for spot-fixing and that he'd be rewarded an additional US$ 20,000 once the fix was completed.

He said he took the money in order to board a plane and flee India. At the moment he thought he didn’t have a choice because saying no was definitely not an option. He knew he just had to leave the situation.

Taylor's case is the latest illustrative example of what the ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit has been tracking: bookies, primarily from India, are increasingly targeting players from lesser international teams, where official pay isn't always desirable and can be delayed.

Shabbir Khandwawala, the BCCI's ACU chairman, says the board is mindful of Taylor's condition and that the typical targets are players from weaker country who are not large enough or have enough money to support their own cricket team.

Khandwawala stated that the good news is that players have begun reporting to ACU and informing them if someone approaches them. He commented that they have seminars in India where the ACU informs and educates players on how bookies will try to entice them and makes sure they understand every issue. Because India is the home of cricket, they are well aware of the obstacles that lie ahead. The BCCI has been able to submit grievances across India in recent years, which has aided us.

Taylor maintained he had never been involved in match-fixing, but belatedly confessed to the approach. He said that he is a lot of things but he’s not a cheater. He added that his passion for the wonderful game of cricket far outweighs and outperforms any threats that may be directed at him.

Taylor will begin attending a rehabilitation programme on Tuesday to address his substance addiction.