Virat Kohli gives advice to the youngsters of the U19 World Cup Final



Virat Kohli gives advice to the youngsters of the U19 World Cup Final

Virat Kohli gives advice to the youngsters of the U19 World Cup Final

February 8, 2022  Authorbet365baji

Virat Kohli understands what it's like to be in the top position when you're just old enough to get your driver's license. When one does not perform to one's full capacity after winning a world prize, Virat Kohli understands what it's like. And no one knows better than Virat Kohli what it's like to be a world-beater at the highest level. So, when Rajvardhan Hagargekars, Kaushal Tambes, and Yash Dhulls connected on a Zoom call from their various hotel accommodation in Antigua, one of their role models was waiting to "congratulate them" and also chat to them about what it meant to play in a U-19 World Cup final.

The India U-19 team, led by Yash Dhull, will face England in the fourth consecutive final at this level since 2016.

Kohli has also won a high-pressure final at the junior level when his squad defeated South Africa in Kuala Lumpur on a beautiful evening in 2008.

After fourteen summers, Kohli has risen to captaincy and is now a former senior team skipper with over 20k international runs to his name.

Whoever asked Kohli to devote some time to the 'Baby Blues,' whether it was BCCI secretary Jay Shah or NCA chief VVS Laxman, did an outstanding job, as there are few who know what it takes to make the grade.

U-19 is just the beginning, and even if they win, there are no promises that the rest of their lives would be easy.

Rajvardhan Hangargekar wrote on his social media account that he learned some valuable lessons about life and cricket from Kohli that will help them improve in the future.

It was, without a doubt, more about the path ahead, where many would fall by the wayside, some will be restricted to domestic competition, and only a select few with exceptional talent and temperament will make the cut.

Kohli understands the dangers of early celebrity and how to get back on solid ground. He has experienced both highs and lows, and one can only hope that this dialogue will help these young athletes become more well-rounded athletes than they were previously.