Mohammad Shahzad slapped with demerit points from smoking on BPL ground



Mohammad Shahzad slapped with demerit points from smoking on BPL ground

Mohammad Shahzad slapped with demerit points from smoking on BPL ground

February 9, 2022  Authorbet365baji

Mohammad Shahzad, an Afghanistan cricketer, was caught smoking in the midst of the Shere Bangla National Stadium on Friday while appearing in the Bangladesh Premier League(BPL). He was also docked one demerit point for violating the BCB code of conduct, especially Article 2.20, which refers to behaviour that is opposed to "the spirit of the game."

Before the game against the Comilla Victorians was cancelled due to bad weather, Shahzad and a group of players were enjoying some pre-match time on the ground. The cricketer's brazen smoking within the cricket pitch, on the other hand, became the topic of the evening.

According to a press release issued by the Bangladesh Cricket Board, Shahzad admitted to smoking in the group and did not object to match referee Neeyamur Rashid's penalty. Nevertheless, it was also established that there will be no official hearing to discuss the topic further.

According to several media sources, Shahzad had been cautioned by Minister Group Dhaka coach Mizanur Rahman against smoking in the outfield, but the Afghan batsman refused to listen and continued to do so. After many people took pictures of him smoking in the public with their smartphones, it was Tamim Iqbal who requested him to go to the locker room.

Unfortunately, it was too late by the time Shahzad was persuaded to go inside. His photographs were already going viral on the internet, with more netizens criticising the league for wielding such power and fewer people bashing Shahzad for his lack of manners.

People have questioned his athletic performance and respect for the event, with some wondering why clubs invest so much money on the 34-year-old when he continues to push attention for all the wrong reasons.

Shahzad, one of the most familiar characters on the Dhaka team, has scored 53 and 42 runs for the team while also being dismissed for single-digit scores four times in the competition thus far. Scoring seven points in seven matches, his side is now sitting at the third position on the scoreboard.