Azam Khan thanked Islamabad United management and Azhar Mahmood for their support



Azam Khan thanked Islamabad United management and Azhar Mahmood for their support

Azam Khan thanked Islamabad United management and Azhar Mahmood for their support

February 15, 2022  Authorbet365baji

Azam Khan used to play cricket in leagues like the Dallas Premier League in America from Texas to Arizona until a few years ago. When he first played in the PSL for Quetta Gladiators, he was mocked for his weight and largely regarded as a nepotism selection. Since then, Azam has progressively ascended the T20 totem pole.

In a high-profile deal this year, he went from Gladiators to two-time champions Islamabad United, and he presently has the third-highest strike rate for a Pakistani player this season. He's played in the Caribbean Premier League and the Sri Lankan Premier League, as well as for Pakistan as recently as last year.

When asked what led to the opportunity with the Quetta Gladiators in 2019, Azam responded that he used to play for Omar Associates. It was controlled by Nadeem Omar [who also owns the Quetta Gladiators] and he did quite well there. He recalled that one day his club manager informed him that he had been selected for the PSL; that was a thrilling experience.

Azam also commented regarding criticism he received about his weight. He said that all of this had an emotional impact on him because no one likes it when people who don't know you, criticise you. However, he added, it's all about taking advantage of the opportunities that came along with it. For Azam, it’s not about responding to critics; it's about playing well and converting skeptics into supporters. He is aware that fitness is quite important in today's society. He remarked that fitness should be one’s first concern if one wishes to have a longer career.

When asked how the Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United exchange happened, Azam commented that in the previous month or two, he had been communicating with Shadab Khan frequently; he wanted me on the team. Azam said that it was difficult to leave Quetta because they had provided him with the first chance in the PSL. For the previous three to four years, he had been playing for them. He added, however, he was not getting enough opportunities to play behind the stumps, and it was Islamabad who provided him the chance to do so.

Azam also praised Islamabad United management for their support, especially Azhar Mahmood and others. They encouraged him to get out there and give it his all and that’s what he is planning to do.